I know you feel like your head is spinning because you're probably not moving fast enough when it comes to responding to emails from your customers (and potential customers). You also feel a bit stressed out when looking at the number of emails coming through your inbox, emails from customers (and potential customers), networking opportunities, marketing metrics, consumer emails, and junk on top of junk.


You're tired of filtering through your emails in search of priority emails.

And now you're ready to tackle that messy inbox once and for all!! 

I know you are ready - and yes, it is time for you finally show a bit of love to your inbox.

That's where I come in at. 

I'm a Virtual Assistant and Email Marketing Manager with extensive training and experience in List Management, Email Management, and Customer Service.

I have been managing email lists and providing email customer service for 6 years. I currently work with online business owners who yearn for more help with inbox management and customer service, so they can focus on what they do best - managing and building their businesses. With that being said, my mission is to make sure you have a well-organized email account, so you can feel less stressed, and no longer have to spend hours sorting through your emails.
Go ahead and check out my portfolio, and after you see what all I have to offer, I want you to go to my Hire Me page so you can focus on putting your customers first.

My Qualifications

Email Management for Virtual Assistants
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30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success
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Writing Great Technical Documents

The Copy Cure
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General Proofreading
Proofread Anywhere

Proofreading and Copyediting
Universal Class

Master of Arts in Professional Writing, New England College

Bachelor of Arts in English Writing, William Paterson University

Accelerated Certification – Naturopathic Practitioner, A Life of Peace and Wellness Institute

Official Bio

Jasmine started her writing and editing career when she landed a position as an editorial intern at Urbane Perspective Media & Lifestyles which published (now defunct) Urbane Perspective Magazine. While working at Urbane, Jasmine dived deeper into the world of writing and editing by creating thought-provoking articles focusing on natural wellness for women of color. She even pushed her pen by writing a few articles focusing on the current state of hip-hop when it comes to female rappers and their influence on young Black women. After completing her internship, Jasmine went on to work as a managing editor for JAYE Magazine. She had the opportunity to manage a team of young writers who were determined to break into the magazine publishing business.

After leaving JAYE with a wealth of knowledge about managing a digital magazine, Jasmine wanted to continue honing her craft by working at WholeFoods Magazine in their circulation department. When she first started, Jasmine’s mission was to solely manage their email marketing campaigns and brand reports, which helped the sales department to present effective proposals to potential advertisers. Once the word got around to the publisher and editor about Jasmine’s background in writing, she was selected to manage the brand’s “What’s Selling” column; she researched, wrote and edited the column (both print and online), which features top-selling products in the natural products industry.

After five years of working her pen at WholeFoods Magazine, Jasmine left her job so she could offer her VA services on a full-time basis. She currently offers email management and virtual assistant services to online businesses.

Want more info about my professional experience and how I can help you? Check out my Hire Me page.